actual antler set
full miniature antler set
full antler set
full antler set

Custom 3D Miniatures

We can replicate your shed, skull, or quarter-mount in a full high-fidelity 3D printed replica. Our replicated sets can be ordered in both painted and non-painted (white) and are crafted for maximum display options

Mount just the skull for dioramas
Mount the mule deer with a magnet vertically
Mount the mule deer horizontally on a floor or table
Hand the antlers by the sheds as a Christmas ornament

Kit includes (2 full sets included in custom miniature):
  • 1 White mule deer skull
  • 2 Hand-painted mule deer antlers
  • 1 Mount Stand
  • 2 Mount Stand Pegs (1 extra)
  • 2 Mount Skull Sockets (1 extra)
  • 2 Deer Horn Pegs (used for hanging antlers as an ornament)
  • 1 Magnetic sticky stripe (used for mounting vertically)